5 Tips for Horse Betting

  1. Consider the Jockey

The jockey is a key element in a horse’s ability to win a race. It takes skill and experience to understand the nuances of a course and to be able to direct a horse, encouraging it to do its best. The jockey on your horse must have superior riding skills, be strong, smart, and have good timing when it comes to judgements. They also must be able to communicate effectively with the horse and to have a good relationship with it. A bad rider can make even a good race horse do poorly on the track.

  1. Always Check What Odds are Being Offered

Since short odds mean that more bettors are placing money on a specific horse, short odds mean that a good deal of people expect great things from that particular horse. 2/1 and 3/1 chances or worse are often offered in the betting ring at 6/4, which is usually the best you can get. One great thing about short odds is that they offer a sense of community in the betting ring. If you win, then you have plenty of people to celebrate with, and if you lose you have people to share in your misery.

  1. Pick Your Race as Well as Your Horses

Betting on every horse race is not a wise thing to do. Since there are many factors which can change the odds favouring a particular horse, build your knowledge of a few tracks and conditions, and only bet when a particular race fits in those parameters. You will have much better success when you select which races you bet on as carefully as you select your horses, something that can be done for example on 123bet.com. Betting on every single race will only confuse your senses with too much information.

  1. Follow the Tiers

Horses are grouped into different colored tiers according to how well a horse has preformed in the past. Normally you will see that the tiers are a dark green to yellow, but horses that have not been rated are usually grey. This means that there is not enough information about their racing history to be ranked in a tier. It doesn’t mean that they are a bad racer, but it is something to consider. Within each tier the horses will again be ranked, but generally they are so similar in ability it is difficult to accurately rank their abilities. A horse in a lower tier may also do better in the right conditions, so always make sure you look at their past records.

  1. Consider Your Money Carefully

It takes money to make money in betting, and so you need to be willing to make a proper bet and take a risk in order to receive a high return. However, since it is a risk, beginners should keep the amount they wager fairly low until they have a good grasp of the system and are confident in their ability to choose a winner. The bets with the highest returns also carry the biggest risk, so make sure that you are not spending over your means, and that you are not relying on winning to have the money for daily essentials.