The Advantages of a Live Dealer in Online Blackjack

In the last decade, online gambling has become a lot more popular with more and more sites popping up all the time, and more high street brokers turning to this option to continue to bring in their revenue. Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to place a bet or take part in a quick game of Blackjack without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Just like with high street book-keepers, there are many choices in the type of gambling you can do. Some are online against a computer, others are with real people and a few of them even offer live dealers.

Using a Live Dealer

There are many advantages to using a Blackjack room with a live dealer:

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Less suspicion
  • Atmosphere

More often than not, if the Blackjack room has a live dealer, then it will also have real-time players. These are other people that are playing at the same time as you are and there are usually chat facilities. This encourages socialising and enhances the game play for everyone. You can also usually chat with the dealer and they’re often more than happy to talk back with you, reassuring you that they’re real.

There’s a lot of speculation that online casino games, including Blackjack, are rigged up. Especially when they’re against an AI machine and they’re not able to see the dealer dealing for them. It can reduce the gaming experience that people go online for and make them less likely to want to continue playing. Having a live dealer means that the player can see all the deals being done in front of them on their screen, and it helps to reduce the fear that they’re being scammed. It makes them more relaxed in their game and encourages longer play times and the ability to have fun while playing.

For some people, getting to a casino isn’t an option – either because they don’t live near one or they don’t have the time to get there. Being able to do it online, with a real live dealer, helps build the right atmosphere and make the player feel like they’re really there playing and also boosts the anticipation of winning, making it feel a lot more real for the player without them having to leave their sofa. In the UK, online gambling is worth billions, most of us would rather play roulette online or any other game in the comfort of our own home without having to worry about getting dressed up and heading on a night out to the casino.

As well as not being able to get there, some people don’t feel comfortable in their skills enough to go to a casino and play in front of other people. Having a live dealer online lets them practice and get the feel for a real casino and can help boost their confidence and encourage them to go and partake with people at a real table.


Overall, having a live dealer tends to make the entire gaming session a lot more fun and sociable, meaning that the experience isn’t just about the money that is played and won but enables people to have the ability to socialise and spend their time with people that enjoy the same pastime that they do.