The legality of online gambling in the US

Online casino gambling is growing fast. The results of a poll, taken not long ago, and released recently by CNBC has to provide the United States Senate with an extremely potent communication as it reflects on the Goodlatte bill concerning online casino gambling. The question posed by the CNBC poll was whether online casino gambling in the United States should become legal?

The most recent in a row of online casino gambling polls is the CNBC poll; these polls have strongly informed the politicians that the people in the United States prefer instead of prohibition, a legally controlled Internet gambling games framework. In the early part of the year, the Wall Street Journal carried out a large poll with closely identical results showing that more than eighty five percent were against prohibition. That the United States has no interest in illegal online casino gambling is attested greatly by all the polls.

The House bill, which went through by 317 to 93 in March, is considered by several online casino industry commercial groups and additional detractors as smacking of hypocrisy and a lack of honesty due to the allowances made for the lotteries operated by the states and for horse racing. Keith Furlong, the deputy director of the online casino Internet Gaming Council – a commercial body against the legislation in the Internet gambling games world,  stated that there’s no point that these legislators and their office personnel take up needless time of the Congress in endeavoring to create prohibition bills solely adequate for particular groups with self-interest.

Senator Jon Kyl’s and the intended Goodlatte’s bill proposed to the Senate, namely, the gambling anti-Internet gambing bill – bill H.R. 4411 – excludes horse racing and lotteries, thus the H.R. 4411 bill in this manner is a prop for online casino or Internet horse racing and lotteries. This means that it will be fine to bet online in horse riding but how crazy – the Internet poker will be outlawed!
Furlong further stated, that if these legislators truly were concerned about addictive gambling and about youngsters gambling on the Internet, they would operate to legalize this online casino gambling, exactly in the way the actual gambling games institutions are legalized and controlled.

The number of countries deciding to legalize and control online casino – Internet gambling games is increasing all the time. Indeed more than eighty countries throughout the world including the United Kingdom, are at this moment beginning to pass legislation and control laws for Internet poker gambling and Internet gambling.

The law should be clarified in the reverse way, Furlong claims. Online gambling which is legalized and controlled as has been carried out in Britain’s Internet gambling online casino sector, is the optimal way to strengthen security against participation by under-aged and identifying gamblers with problems. In addition it should not be the work of the federal government to tell mature people in the United States in which they should be spending their precious earned money, whether to spend it on a bid on e-bay, placing an online casino bet on a horse race or enjoying an online poker game.

Representative Jon Porter represents the sane voice it seems. Proposing a bill to perform a bi-party congressional enquiry into Internet gambling prior to prohibition, Jon Porter now has garnered forty two sponsors ready to back his online casino plan.